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RETAIL BANKING - 4th edition (2017)

This fourth edition of Retail Banking is a comprehensive, up-to-date introduction to the principles of banking.

In the context of a challenging global economy and the continuing recovery from the global financial crisis, good banking and the capacity of retail banks to anticipate and react to economic, environmental, political, social and technological pressures are more relevant than ever.

Packed with international examples and case studies, the text covers all aspects of banking in the modern financial services industry and clearly explains the regulatory, social, technological and practical environment in which retail banks operate. Topics covered include: banking risks and regulation payment methods, fund transfers, collecting and paying banks principles of the banker-customer relationship the balance between liquidity and profitability principles of lending and key credit risk tools.

The text is complemented by a tutor resource containing dozens of practice tasks for students

Published by Gosbrook Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-1912184002


updated  by Alistair Tyler and Keith Pond

This text is structured as 15 separate topics relating to the mid-corporate sector.  It forms the study guide for a Level 6 module offered exclusively by the  ifs University College.

There is a natural flow through the chapters aimed at gradually building knowledge and understanding of the module and the sector.

The financial services environment has been subject to significant volatility and change since the 2007−08 financial crisis; the global implications of the crisis’ main triggers continue to play out in a variety of ways. Consequently, students need to ensure they maintain their wider reading into relevant topics that will broaden their perspective.

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