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As a teacher my ethos has always been to share my knowledge and experience - it does not dilute what I offer but enriches it.

Associated with my work I offer here FREE OF CHARGE resources related to my books and my teaching.

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Retail Banking 4th edition

Students and tutors can download a copy of the answer guidance on the book's case studies HERE.

Retail Banking - 4th edition

Tutor support pack

This tutor support pack is FREE to all tutors adopting the Retail Banking text.

The pack contains a number of classroom exercises and discussion questions sorted in chapter order and drawing on the materials in the book.  In the case of chapters 10 and 12 on credit appraisal and debt recovery these augment and extend the materials available in the book itself.

In each chapter there is at least one classroom or workshop exercise together with notes to assist tutors on running the exercises in class.  I have not provided “model” answers as these will depend on level of study, teaching and learning styles and on variations that the tutor may make.  However, I am happy to communicate with tutors if you have any questions about running the exercise in your class.



Keith Pond